The Bill and Betty Fund

Our foster children in Clark County are going through one of the toughest experiences they will ever face.  The experience is often more difficult because the children miss out on normal, healthy, childhood experiences due to lack of funding.

CASA of Clark County developed the "Bill and Betty" fund in 2005 to answer this need.  The fund was named after Bill and Betty Gentry, two of the people who were instrumental in getting CASA started in Clark County.

Through this fund we have been able to provide our foster children:  tickets to the Arkadelphia Aquatic Park, costumes for school plays, clothing, shoes,  weeks at Family Farm, and many other things.  All of these are SO important to our children, they want to be able to do the things that are "normal" to other children their age.

Our vision is to provide quality volunteer advocacy in court for every child placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect.  We believe a major part of this advocacy is to strive for a more normal life for the foster children we serve.  We are now rising to the occasion to meet the needs of all of OUR children here in Clark County!!

By your gift of a donation to CASA of Clark County, you are also giving to this fund.

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